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ICEF International Center of European Football - Boarding soccer academy in Europe

In order to get recruited to a top collegiate soccer program, student-athletes have to be amongst the top 400 players that season. They need to go beyond good and play smart, make the best decisions in all game situations and demonstrate that they bring talent and potential to the team and to the university.

The International Center of European Football has developed a college soccer preparatory program that fully supports student-athletes, maximizing their exposure to top collegiate programs by:

1- Reaching the next level through the excellence of the UEFA / FFF methodology. The training and preparation programs at the International Center of European Football were developed by UEFA/ FFF certified Technical Directors and Europe’s highest-ranked youth development experts. ICEF builds smart players, with impeccable work ethic, capable of excelling in all phases of the game, taking excellent and fast decisions at the highest level of soccer in the world.

2- Competing at the French national level: Competing in elite and high level competitions prepares you to stand out at college recruitment events like ID Camps and Showcases and allows you to demonstrate your talent amongst top athletes, through highlight videos. ICEF’s Technical Directors carefully build competition programs with highly regarded professional D1 and D2 partner clubs, allowing players to participate in at least 25 competitive games and 3 European soccer tournaments, for elite experiences and exposure opportunities. The most advanced players enrolled in the 10-month Pro Residency program are selected to join ICEF’s club, Thonon Evian Grand Geneve FC, competing at the French national level in official leagues established by the French Federation of Football.

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3- Preparing for the rigor of collegiate academics: If you are aiming at playing for a D1 soccer program, you know the importance of maintaining a high GPA and receiving a score on the SAT and/or ACT tests that your college or university of choice deems deserving of admission. ICEF is committed to providing the most comprehensive accredited academic education, offering courses in English, in an ideal setting for academic and personal development with small class sizes, adapted schedules, tutoring programs and college advisors.

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4- Connecting with college coaches: The whole purpose of training and playing in Europe is to build an outstanding soccer resume filled with unique and elite soccer experiences and competitions. At ICEF, you will also be able to create professional highlight videos to connect with college soccer coaches, multiplying your chances of getting recruited to a top collegiate soccer program.

5- Developing your mental and physical skills: ICEF’s physical and mental development programs delivered by youth development experts guarantee a holistic preparation to maximize your chances of performing at your highest potential during intensive competitions or recruitment events.

6- Enriching your curriculum and cultural experience: Living in a foreign country opens your mind to new perspectives and lifestyles in a unique way. Your values mature and you become more well-rounded and a better global citizen, which is highly appreciated by college coaches and a crucial part of living in today’s global society.

Participation in ICEF’s 10-month Pro Residency program in Europe is the most effective way to maximize your chances of standing out as a top soccer player in front of any opponent or scout. There is no preparation that equates to the excellence of a European training and competition program.