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Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro hosts players born between 2006 and 2012.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro is designed for elite and high-potential players, keeping in mind that the standards for competition in France are elevated. Student-athletes must be able to keep up with all training and competition programs. All players who wish to enter the 10-month program must attend a tryout. During tryouts, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro coaching staff will select student-athletes they believe are capable of competing at the European level.

Pas de problème (No problem)! The center is designed to accommodate international players. There is no need to speak French to communicate with technical staff, administration, teachers, classmates, and teammates. However, please keep in mind that there is a focus on immersion in the French culture and it is a highlight of the program. By the end of the 10-month program, each player should be able to speak conversationally in French.

Thanks to the elite competition schedule, training methodology, and our global network of professional clubs and universities, standout players are continuing their journeys at the highest level. Visit our Success Stories page to learn more.

Of course every player wants to make it to a professional team, but the reality is that it is extremely hard to do so. At Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro, we provide the tools and resources to guide student-athletes in the direction to achieve their highest potential. As much as it is your dream to play professionally, it is our dream to get you there.

It is important for players to understand though, that during their time at the center, they will have access to master classes,  professional workshops, and other professionals in the world of football. Players will learn about different careers in the sport apart from being a player, and gain behind-the-scenes knowledge.

Paris Saint Germain Academy Pro players have access to the high-level French football club, Thonon Evian Grand Genève FC, owned by the same ownership group. The club competes at the highest levels in France, and is a fundamental part of the larger project, Grand Genève Football.

The global project of Grand Genève Football gathers clubs from the Greater Geneva area, encompassing the largest number of women’s and men’s teams in the region, playing at the highest level of FFF national competition.

Throughout the year, Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro student-athletes are connected with the club, integrating teams in their respective age categories, allowing them to participate in high-level training sessions and compete against the best teams in the official French leagues.

All applicants for the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Residency program must select a tryout option (whether in the United States, at the center in France, or online). The Recruitment Team will accept players they believe to be prepared to train consistently throughout a full season, and have the potential to compete at the highest level of football in the world.

Yes! Every player is eligible to receive a professionally assessment. However, only the top players will be selected for admission into the Pro Residency program.

Visit our Tryout page to learn more about the different options.

All applicants will be assessed by The PSG Academy Technical director and the PSG Academy, UEFA and FFF licensed coaching staff in charge of recruitment.

Non (no)! The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Recruitment Team speaks several languages and all assessments will be provided in English. Whether online or in-person, French is not mandatory, nor is it mandatory once integrated into the full-year program.

For tryouts in-person: Parents are welcome to watch their children’s performance from the stands. However, they're not authorized on the field at any time. Following the in-person tryout, an individualized meeting will be organized with the coaches and parents to present the players' performance report and assessment.

In order to attend the trials, you do not need further documentation than those provided during your online application.

You will be informed of your selection about a week after your tryout.

Participants are only required to attend one tryout. There is no appeal process for disagreement with the selection decision. However, participants may re-apply and attend as many tryouts they deem fit or necessary.

We require everyone (student-athletes, coaches and staff) to have an impeccable attitude, on and off the field. We reserve the right to suspend or expel anyone who does not behave or act in accordance to the code of conduct.

The activities, excursions and leisure opportunities are endless. Residents take part in many different activities during the year such as golfing, bicycling, swimming, bowling, hiking, sailing on Lake Geneva, as well as cultural excursions.

They will attend professional football games around Europe (2 matches at the San Siro to see AC Milan in 2022) and visit cities such as Lyon, Geneva, and Paris. The center is located near the biggest football museums in the world, the FIFA Headquarters and UEFA Headquarters. Within the center, player have access to multiple lounge areas and tv rooms where they can spend quality time and relax. Residents are under supervision at all times and follow a pre-established schedule every day of the year.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro experiences are all-inclusive and all costs of activities are covered. However, residents have personal expenses which are not included. Certain exclusive field trips (not mandatory) are not offered, and do require an additional fee, such as a trip to Paris or other destinations.

Student-athletes live in shared double rooms in a modern dormitory located on the fully secured, state of the art Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro campus.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro is an all-inclusive campus featuring top-of-the-line amenities. Everything is located on campus including student residences, media lounges, natural and heated turf fields, classrooms, water therapy, a fully equipped gym, and a cafeteria.

The private center is supervised 24/7 and is closed to the public. It is a very exclusive and highly secured environment.

Only 2 miles away. Emergency care is very efficient in France and everyone receives excellent care.

  • EMERGENCY: We call emergency professionals and they conduct the adequate procedures on the injured person. We will contact the family as soon as the student is on his way to the hospital and communicate effectively with families. We will also provide all the help needed in terms of transportation from the airport to the hospital/center to get the families to the injured athlete as quickly as possible.
  • NON-EMERGENCY: We call medical professionals and they conduct the adequate procedures on the injured person. For further examination, we will drive every student to the closest hospital for medical tests.
  • SICKNESS: Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro provides medical care with an MD Doctor consulting on-site or in a city office.

Of course, student-athletes will be covered for all medical care and emergencies, including repatriation. They will be covered by April International Expat.

Of course not! At Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro, we work on the development of every student-athlete both on and off the field for a successful future as a pro player or a university student. By enrolling in the Pro Residency program, each player receives the approved credits necessary to pursue their education in the United States, France, and if they decide to go back to their home country.

Student-athlete residences are located on its private campus and live in shared double rooms.

Student-athletes who wish to attend Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Residency program must attend a tryout in the United States, at the center in France, or online to be selected for admission.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro is focused on the overall success of its student-athletes. Our requirement is that student-athletes can maintain an average performance in their schooling and are willing to work equally on the field and in the classroom.

Student-athletes can choose to enroll in our American Middle & High School programs, French Middle & High School program, Cambridge International Education program, or College/University programs. Middle School and High School students attend a private school, Sainte Croix des Neiges and are guided by experts dedicated to international studies. Classes are specifically adapted to Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro students, their needs and schedules.

Don’t expect anything less than a fully-packed schedule! Student-athletes will take part in different activities throughout the week including football (technical training, tactical training, competition), academic/language classes, video analysis sessions, meetings with coaches, strength training, therapy sessions, mental strength training, free time, workshops, rest time, excursions and leisure opportunities. The typical weekday begins at 7am and activities end around 9pm. Curfew is at 10:30pm on weekdays and at 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

During the week, residents follow their academic programs until around lunchtime. The afternoon is dedicated to football: training, gym sessions, recovery, hydrotherapy, mental preparation, and more. In the evenings, activities include study time as well as extracurricular activities and rest/free time. All activities are balanced, allowing everyone to excel and flourish on and off the field.

Our training methodology is in line with the Paris Saint-Germain style of play applied in Paris. We seek performance by putting our players in situations similar to those encountered in real games. Understanding the game and its environment is the number one priority to successfully adapt to the professional European game. In this way, age, position, or result of the game come secondary to understanding of the game and progression, which are the number one goal in creating a complete Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro player.


  • Football IQ
  • Strengths & weaknesses analysis
  • Physical development & strengthening
  • Recovery sessions
  • Mental conditioning
  • Introduction to professional athlete nutrition


  • Formation implementation
  • Offensive / defensive transitions
  • Position-specific training sessions
  • Set pieces


  • Placement opportunity in our elite club
  • Friendly games
  • Scouting opportunities
  • Weekly games against top youth European teams
  • Elite tournaments


  • Rondo
  • Small-sided games
  • Implementation of offensive/defensive plays
  • Specific technical skills: passing, dribbling, finishing


  • Tactical studies of professional teams
  • Personal player analysis (training/games)
  • Creation of video highlights


  • Applying the fundamentals of “invisible training”
  • Balanced and healthy nutrition
  • Introduction to recovery and care
  • Individualized coach briefs

All players receive balanced meals that are based on performance optimization. Our chefs prepare healthy dishes every day, with a nutrition plan specifically designed by nutritionist Romain Giroud (brother of FIFA World Cup Champion Olivier Giroud). Provided meals are based around lean proteins for muscle repair and recovery, paired with carbohydrates appropriately timed for fuel. In addition, fruit, vegetables, seeds and whole grains are provided as important vitamins and minerals, along with some healthy fats such as avocado, nuts, olive oil and oily fish such as salmon. Meals are adapted according to the time of day and the schedule of the competition: Pre-training, post training recovery, pre-game, and post-game recovery. Dietary adjustments are made per request.

This unique environment surrounded by mountains, forests and lakes makes the Greater Geneva area one of the best destinations in the world for high-level sport. It’s also one of the favorite destinations for pro clubs and teams such as: Liverpool F.C., Paris Saint-Germain F.C., Leicester City F.C., Southampton F.C. and Fulham F.C. National teams of Germany, Paraguay, Ivory Coast and Jordan women’s national team have also chosen Evian, by Lake Geneva, as their favorite destination for pre-season training.

The uniqueness of our academy is being international. Our experienced staff takes care of and develops players coming from all over the world. The distinctiveness of the center also lies in the different nationalities of the student-athletes who come from the U.S. and Canada, the Caribbean Islands, South and Central America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and of course from Europe too. A variety of languages are spoken at the center. French classes are provided at school and English classes are also available upon request. Full immersion in the culture and an international experience are part of your journey in Europe. French will be learned a little every day, but it is not necessary to practice it to feel at home at the center.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro recommends participants to stay for at least 3 weeks to get the most out of their experience at the center. Taking into consideration the fact that most participants travel from all over the world, Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro believes that by staying for 3 weeks, participants make the most out of not only the full football experience, but also the time and expenses of travel. That said, participants are free to stay for as short or long as they wish, as all experiences are customized to individual needs.

All participants have the added bonus of being able to take French classes during their week(s) at the center

Yes. The price is reduced for those who decide to stay off-campus. Those that decide to do so should arrive after breakfast and may leave before dinner.

Don’t expect anything less than a fully-packed schedule! Student-athletes will take part in different activities throughout the week including football (technical training, tactical training, competition), academic/language classes, video sessions, meetings with coaches, strength training, therapy sessions, free time, workshops, rest time, excursions and leisure opportunities. The typical weekday begins at 7am and activities end around 9pm. Curfew is at 10:30pm on weekdays and at 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Important to note that schedules are subject to changes.

We assist non-EU residents in the visa application process by providing official supporting documentation from Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro. However, we are not responsible for visa processes and fees.

The program price does not include the visa process, but families are assisted throughout the process.

If you are unable to receive a visa, you will receive a full refund (not including the application fee).

Yes! Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro runs on a rolling admissions basis so we are accepting student-athletes all year round. However, due to the fact that we have only 48 beds available for boarding students, we do not guarantee that there will be spaces available for enrollment in January. Therefore, we recommend players to begin the application process with a September starting date in mind.

If families are visiting and want to partake in activities outside the center, they may dismiss their child for the amount of time they wish before the day’s curfew. This must be notified to the administration prior to occurring. However, it is recommended that parents/guardians not interrupt the daily activities focused on training and academics.

Parents/guardians are allowed to visit their children at any time as long as it does not interfere with academic, training or competition schedules. They must advise the administration prior to their arrival on campus and sign a waiver to get their children out of the center for personal reasons. However, parents are not allowed in areas specifically designed for student-athletes, such as dorms or locker rooms.

For players born between 2006 and 2012 for football, school, and boarding, the cost is €64,000 plus a one-time matriculation fee and an application fee for Middle & High School and €73,000 plus an application fee for College & University. Please refer to the Tuition page for more information.

If you would like to get the group pricing options for the weekly experiences, please email us at [email protected] and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.