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Welcome to the World's First Paris Saint-Germain Pro Goalkeeper Academy

Discover an unparalleled goalkeeper academy experience, where talented youth players from around the globe come together to transform into exceptional goalkeepers. Under the guidance of experienced Paris Saint-Germain certified coaches, you will not only develop your skills but also become part of an exclusive community dedicated to excellence in goalkeeping.

A Supportive Goalkeeper


At the Paris Saint-Germain Pro Goalkeeper Academy, you will be immersed in a close-knit community of fellow goalkeepers who share your passion for the game. Embrace the camaraderie and supportive atmosphere as you:

Key Features

of the Goalkeeper Academy

Paris Saint-Germain Methodology

and Style of Play

At the heart of the Paris Saint-Germain Pro Goalkeeper Academy is the renowned Paris Saint-Germain methodology and style of play, which has been instrumental in the success of the club’s professional goalkeepers. As a participant in the academy, you will have access to the same cutting-edge strategies and techniques that have shaped the careers of top-tier goalkeepers, and receive the same authentic training sessions designed by the Paris Saint-Germain staff in Paris.

Video Analysis:
A Key Component of Success

The academy places a strong emphasis on video analysis sessions, offering invaluable insights and learning opportunities for our goalkeepers through examining individual performances, evaluating team dynamics, and observing the professional Paris Saint-Germain players techniques.

These sessions enhance the players’ comprehension of the game, the Paris Saint-Germain standards of play, and strategic decision making once they’re on the field.

By integrating video analysis into your training routine, you will develop a higher soccer IQ, enabling you to learn from your mistakes, anticipate opponents’ moves, and adapt your style to various game situations.



Our comprehensive training program covers an extensive range of goalkeeping skills, ensuring you become a well-rounded player ready to face any challenge:

Tactical work

Learn to read the game and make strategic decisions that support your team's overall strategy, both in defense and attack


Improve your agility, balance, and positioning to react quickly and effectively


Master the art of diving and shot-stopping to keep your goal secure

Aerial situations

Learn to dominate the air, successfully dealing with crosses and high balls


Enhance your reaction time and ability to make crucial saves in high-pressure situations

Ball control

Develop your confidence and skill in handling the ball, both with your hands and feet


Become an expert in organizing your defense during corner kicks, free kicks, and other set-piece situations


Hone your ability to anticipate shots and position yourself to make decisive saves

One-on-one situations

Excel in one-on-one encounters with attackers, utilizing effective decision-making and timing


Boost your ability to save penalty kicks and maintain composure under pressure

Controlling defense

Strengthen your communication and leadership skills to effectively organize and command your defensive line

Playing with the ball

Contribute effectively to your team's build-up play and maintain possession under pressure

Results and Benefits

By joining the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Goalkeeper Academy, our goalkeepers will not only receive unparalleled coaching and support from a dedicated coaching staff, but will be presented with numerous opportunities to hone their skills in a world-class training environment.

This comprehensive experience is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of the goalkeeping position, ensuring that our goalkeepers will:

Embark on a life-changing journey with the Paris Saint-Germain Pro Goalkeeper Academy.

Develop your goalkeeping skills to new heights, be part of a winning tradition, and create your own path to success, all while forging lifelong connections with fellow goalkeepers from around the world.

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