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For the first time ever at the global level, Esports and Web3 academies are integrated with professional football academies. 

A unique Strive Esports x Strive Web3 educational program was launched in Fall 2022. Youth athletes are now able to reach their full potential on the field while having an additional pathway to success through a pragmatic curriculum. The group is partnering with some of the top experts and acknowledged specialists in Esports and Web3 to equip elite athletes with deep, rare knowledge and strong expertise in next generation technologies. 

a brand-new offering has been introduced
with two flagship courses:

The objective?

To enable each player to reach their maximum potential, and to produce the player of the future by empowering them to be successful on and off the field. This results in:

Developing international elite football players with the best and most prestigious methodology

Providing an excellent education and in-depth knowledge to build a unique profile


A 10 month program where students will balance theoretical concepts such as learning how Esports and Web3 has grown, with
practicing soft skills and practical challenges.

The academic approach for the Esports x Web3 is pragmatic, as students will learn through applying concepts currently found in the professional fields.

300+ hours

of class over 10 months

12 professional experts

responsible for both programs


with world renowned experts online and in person


professional Master Projects


Case Studies


End-of-year project combining
both Esports and Web3

Some of our experts in Esports and Web3

Maxime Erwin A.

Expert FIFA coach.
Has won 23 titles and is a two-time world champion. 

François G.

Startup Advisor and Web3 entrepreneur.
Has founded Web3 Game studio, created a NFT collection,
and is a consultant for Web3 companies.

Alexis H.

Former professional Esports player Starcraft, Startcraft 2
and League of Legends.
High-performance coach since 2016.

Nussmann R.

Esports coach.
Professional poker player and world champion of online poker and world record holder.
Founder of the leading Poker Academy.


Who should enroll
in the program?

This program is for elite athletes seeking to have a deeper knowledge of present technologies and
 how to leverage them in a fast-evolving world.

These courses are the first of their kind in the world. With such a unique profile and valuable skill-sets, Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro players gain an even greater advantage either in professional football, the job market or in college.

Advantages of the program:

Teaches very broad and specialized lessons intensively for 10 months

Offers dual mastery in both Esports and Web3

Balances perfectly with the schedules of an elite athlete

Highly modern classes integrating the most recent trends and current patterns of today’s industries.

Tests students with highly relevant and important projects

Receive a certificate certifying competencies

Taught by highly skilled and acknowledged Esports and Web3 specialists

Advantages for the students:

Acquire deep knowledge and strong expertise in innovative industries
Develop a unique profile harnessing the strengths of high-level sports with an extremely rare new skill set
Are twofold: Learning how to be a winner on the field and in the job market

Develop a unique profile as an elite player with deep and rare knowledge

The Esports Course

The Web3 Course Program:
Crypto, Blockchain and Digital assets

Interested in adding The Esports x Web3 program at the time of your registration to the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro?

Contact us now at [email protected] to secure your spot.

Limited spaces available for the 2023-2024 season!