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Where are they now?

The ICEF Europe has developed and guided many youth players to reach their maximum potential, both on and off the field, as well as help them take their game to the professional level. With a global football network and great coaching and technical staff, the ICEF Europe works directly with individual players to expertly prepare them for exposure opportunities during their time at the Center.

2021 has seen numerous players be recruited by top professional teams in Europe and the U.S., as well as youth national teams of professional European teams. Consistently training under the ICEF Europe’s training program, based on European excellence, players are able to accelerate the development of their skills and technique which catches the attention of those at the next level.

Alexis Huneau – FC Lyon

Alexis Huneau, spent two years at the ICEF Europe developing and mastering his skills and technique. Alexis was able to stand out and be recruited by one of the oldest and largest French professional teams’ youth academy.

Now playing for FC Lyon’s U17 national team, Alexis competes with his new team at the U17 National Championship, the highest youth level at that age group! Alexis is currently playing center back for FC Lyon and has already competed against the top-rated clubs in the age group such as Olympique Lyon, RC Strasbourg and FC Metz. 

“I had two wonderful years at the ICEF. I progressed a lot technically, mentally, and physically. All this could not have been achieved with the professionalism and dedication of the entire training center staff.”

At the ICEF, players are led by a highly qualified coaching staff, who apply an individual approach to optimize each players’ potential. The individual approach allowed Alexis to mature as a player and individual, developing the necessary skills to stand out and be recruited.

Mathew Collins – Hoffenheim

Another player who spent two years at the ICEF Europe before jumping to the next level was center midfielder, Mathew Collins. Through great performances at the ICEF Europe and trials at different clubs, Mathew was recruited by and joined Hoffenheim of the German Bundesliga.

Playing for their U19 National Team, Mathew Collins has settled in well and has taken his strong base of technical, tactical, and cognitive skills to compete at the highest youth level in Germany. The unique training program of the ICEF Europe allowed Mathew to become a complete player as he consistently played in his preferred position as a center midfielder, but also played plenty of games as right or left back, as well as a winger, in an attempt to learn those positions and become a more complete player.

“My experience at ICEF helped me grow as a player and learn a lot about the way I play today. The Center is much more family oriented than other academies and focuses on each player closely to guide them to reach their maximum potential.”

“The ICEF Europe boosted my performances as the excellent coaches helped me through the trainings and the advice they gave me throughout my time there. The individualized program is truly unique and what makes the ICEF Europe stand out.”

Roman Clevenot – Football Bourg-en-Bresse Péronnas 01

Roman is another U19 player who was able to stand out from his peers and competition last year at the ICEF Europe, and was recruited by Football Bourg-en-Bresse Péronnas 01 U19 National Team. Playing as a forward for the team, Roman is one step away from making a professional debut for his new team.

“For me, the ICEF Europe greatly impacted my development in football. The two years I spent at the Center allowed me to grow on the field and in my everyday life, thanks to the daily support of the staff, especially all of the coaches who were present at all times. The development I experienced at the ICEF Europe enabled me to join a French Training Center to play at the highest level in the U19 age group!”⁠

At the ICEF Europe, Roman took full advantage of the unique feature of being able to train with the ICEF Europe Premier Team, Thonon Evian Grand Genève FC and be fully immersed in a professional environment. By training with the pros, Roman was able to accelerate his development and reach the next level as well as receive insightful advice from the professional players and the coaching staff.

Pedro Adarillo – FC Miami City

Our former Brazilian right-back, Pedro Adarillo, played one full season at the ICEF Europe before taking advantage of the ICEF Europe’s global network of owned professional teams. At the end of the last season, Pedro moved to Florida and joined FC Miami City, a fully affiliated USL club, competing in one of the most competitive professional leagues in the U.S.

The USL is one of the most successful soccer leagues in the world and offers many development opportunities for its players. Over 70% of players in Major League Soccer are drafted with USL experience.

“The coaching staff supported me really well by putting me in contact with a lot of people at the next level, where I ultimately decided to join FC Miami City. I chose this path for my career as I get to learn from experienced professional players while remaining eligible to play at the collegiate level in order to get my diploma while furthering my football skills, and eventually sign a pro contract.”

The ICEF Europe prepares the student-athletes for whatever football career path they take. Whether that is going directly to the professional level or through the collegiate level, the coaching and technical teams support each player until they reach their objectives.