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With the first half of the 2023-2024 football season coming to an end, it’s important to reflect on the progress our international group of Pro Residency players have made.

Working with a new coaching staff under the direction of head coach Sebastien Kaercher (former PSG Academy in Paris), the rosters were separated into two age categories: U16 and U19.

Morning routines are the same for all players, with nutritious breakfast followed by school and study periods until the early afternoon. After lunch, the two rosters alternate between training on the pitch and in the fitness center, accompanied by specialists in each area. Post training recovery sessions follow, allowing for the student-athletes to consistently perform at their highest level throughout the season.

The rigorous football and academic schedule provide our student-athletes with the tools and experience to understand what it takes to be successful, and to enjoy the process. All done in a multi-cultural environment, with 18 nationalities represented, while living on a state-of-the-art campus with training facilities and dedicated spaces to study, as well as rest. The results of their hard work were then tested when the players faced competitive opponents on the field, and of course when they passed academic exams.

It’s with great pride to report that the student-residents excelled both on the field and in school. Each of our players received an individualized development plan—created through a collaborative effort between our elite coaching staff, the player, and their family. From a football standpoint, the Paris Saint-Germain methodology has led to players making smarter decisions, improving their technique, and playing an efficient as well as attractive style of play.

Matches and training sessions were fully recorded, and GPS data was collected for each player. Experts in video-analysis and athletic performance were able to assess the strengths and areas for improvement with data-supported precision. This allowed for players to fully understand their development path as well as rewatch their performances. With that being mentioned, click here to view our top goals of the first half of the season, and we’re looking forward to creating more highlights in 2024.