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The International Center of European Football has announced an official scouting partnership with IVP Supercup Florida!


The IVP Supercup event this October 26 to 27, in Florida, is a great stage for players interested in a professional career in Europe to get the chance to get seen and selected by ICEF’s US Recruitment Team.

On its mission to convey European excellence to elite international players, the International Center of European Football has assured their US Recruitment Team’s presence at the event, to scout the 4 best players (3 boys and 1 girl) to experience the international center for one full week.

In addition, ICEF is extending a special offer to all IVP Supercup Florida players for their 2019-2020 US tryout sessions.

Together, ICEF and IVP are providing unique experiences for international players to experience playing soccer in Europe… this time at the ultimate destination for professional soccer training in France, the International Center of European Football!