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During this period, it’s important to keep your development on track! ICEF is encouraging everyone to keep learning and practicing at home, as well as keeping healthy habits in terms of nutrition.


The International Center of European Football is glad to announce the launch of ICEF Online. The new platform is open to all and a great resource for soccer players around the world looking to maintain their development on track during this unprecedented time.

ICEF Online features training sessions curated by ICEF coaches, enabling ICEF student-athletes and other soccer players to train at home.

The online soccer training platform includes training videos, tips, and challenges for players to work on their technical skills, drills, coordination, strength, and conditioning, divided into 5 categories: technical, tactical, physical, stretching and fun, where players share their training sessions.

If you would like to start training with ICEF Online, follow these steps:

1. Go to theicefonline.com

2.Log in with the following information:

Username: icef

Password: Unstoppable2020

3. Browse videos and pick your training for the day!


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