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At the International Center of European Football (the ICEF) in France, players from around the world train at the highest level each day and compete against the best professional clubs and academies in the world. It is a unique experience to live in a fully immersive soccer campus that will benefit their lives beyond sport.

Leverage your unique qualities

A high performing student-athlete will inevitably arrive at a stage of their development path where they will need to not only have leadership qualities, but also display them. Particularly in soccer, leadership qualities emerge amongst players who are fully dedicated to learning, have encountered a vast number of scenarios, and are exemplary in their efforts. The International Center of European Football in Europe serves as the ideal environment for an elite athlete to live a fully immersive experience and mature into a true leader and go from talented to unstoppable.

ICEF is the #1 pro soccer academy with resources, facilities, and an environment that allow ambitious players to grow and develop all the qualities needed to reach the next level in soccer. ICEF brings the ideal environment for the elite athletes to live a fully immersive experience and mature into true leaders.

A strong sense of community

Players from over 23 nationalities unite at the ICEF to pursue their dreams of playing professionally in Europe and at the collegiate level in the USA in the future. Through having the same ambitions, the players challenge themselves and each other to do their best both on and off the field. In this unique setting, players learn how contribute positively a group and positively impact a team’s chemistry and morale.

The ICEF enables players to create strong bonds with fellow students and teammates that last well beyond their time at the center and go across international borders. In a multicultural environment, residents will get to discover new languages, customs, and norms. By living with each other on campus, the ICEF offers an exceptional experience that promotes growth and encourages young individuals to develop soft skills such as adaptability, open-mindedness, and leadership.

An important emphasis on academic success

The International Center of European Football is committed to providing accredited education programs that equip student-residents for excellence, partnered with a culturally enriching environment. Prestigious institutions partner with the ICEF to offer a wide variety of academic programs including American Middle & High School, Bachelors and Master’s Degrees, ACT & SAT prep, and College counseling.

Throughout the year, educators provide tutoring and a personalized academic plan to each student ensuring they are making steady progress and succeeding in the classroom. There is a set balance in the daily schedule of its residents with defined time for football, classes, activities, entertainment, and rest. Students also have time allotted weekly for quiet study and homework for the week ahead. The students are constantly challenged to attain their highest scores and academic potential.

An all-around soccer development

Student-residents who join the ICEF live in the heart of Europe, with state-of-the-art facilities and UEFA certified coaching staff, thus opening the door for an exceptional humane and football experience. Players are given personalized attention and receive specific programs to optimize their game, while also having access to specialists in a wide array of fields. From an expert body movement specialist to a nutritionist, to a sports psychologist as well as a physiotherapist, players have access to experienced professionals to increase their strengths and work on their areas of improvement.

The ICEF ensures a holistic approach to professional football preparation, including Career Orientation Courses, workshops, and masterclasses. These courses teach student-athletes the important aspects of life as an aspiring professional player. Hosted by guest speakers, including pro football players and other successful professionals in the football and sport industries, these courses convey a holistic view to inspire student-athletes to turn their passion for football into a prosperous career rich in accomplishment

At the ICEF, players will be exposed to the European methodology of football as well as a fully immersive experience that will enrichen their lives in the long term. They will be equipped with increased maturity, knowledge, skills as well as a better understanding of what they can bring to a team at the highest level.
Want to play soccer in Europe?
Join the #1 European pro football academy

The ICEF tryouts welcome elite international players born between 2000 and 2010, to integrate the rosters of the ICEF for the 2022 – 2023 season.

Two different application processes are available to give players the chance to be part of the ICEF Europe for the 2022 – 2023 season.

  • In-person tryouts are hosted at both the Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA Campus (Broward County Stadium, Florida, USA) or at the International Center of European Football in Evian (France).
  • An online tryout process has been developed to enable every applicant to receive an assessment and be evaluated to join the ICEF.

Apply now for the 2022-2023 season