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The creation of the Blonay Cup took off with two objectives. The first being to offer a new challenge to the PSG Academy Pro Residency players, and the second to also strengthen the relationships with neighboring youth academies competing at the French Championship level.

Once the concept and tournament format was established, the technical staff invited clubs with U16 and U19 teams. Over two full days, our state-of-the-art football campus welcomed multiple teams and 100+ players and coaches of the Lake Geneva Region.

When it came to performances on the field, our PSG Academy Pro teams showcased the football methodology they’ve been practicing all season. Both our U16 and U19 teams went undefeated and secured victory in the final matches, with the top individuals receiving “Best Player” awards in both categories.

Looking ahead, this first edition of the Blonay Cup serves as an ideal preparation for upcoming highlights in the season. Participating in prestigious competitions like the Mediterranean International Cup (MIC), clashes with other elite teams, and other matches against local teams.