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Meet ICEF's Hospitality Manager!

At the International Center of European Football, student-athletes go to school every morning and participate in intense professional training sessions in the afternoon. Like in every professional soccer academy in Europe, our student-athletes’ regimen during the week is very intense. They barely have any extra time left after school and soccer and must focus 100% and 24/7 on their technical and academic programs.

However, on weekends, they can enroll in optional activities, excursions, touristic events and have plenty of opportunities to fully experience the culture while in Europe.
Carine, Hospitality Manager at ICEF explains: “My responsibilities amongst the technical and education staff at the center is to entertain the residents and make their experience unforgettable. They work hard throughout the season, and we all understand that they are teenagers who want to be on their own and do teenager activities or simply relax. They are lucky, since the center is located in one of the best destinations in Europe, with plenty of activities and sightseeing in a five-mile radius.”

The area offers plenty of activities during week end

Throughout the season, ICEF residents will participate in diverse activities such as hiking in the Alps, golfing in the Evian Championship course, visiting Geneva, paddling and sailing on Lake Geneva, going to the movies, and to the fairs in the city, planning barbecues by the pool, visiting Lyon and attending one of the French Ligue 1 games, or simply getting a soccer player haircut…

At the International Center of European Football, we believe that free time is an integral part of the well-being of our residents and while everything is “a la carte” and optional, we like to see them busy and discovering Europe, and for most of them practicing French!