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Football has no religion, no ethnicity, no color. Football is everywhere, in the immense majority of cultures and populations bringing the world together in spite of all political issues. Last World Cup gathered almost 1.5 billion people.

Football triggers passion and goes way beyond the sportsmanship. There is no other sport or public matter that unites as many people as much as football throughout the world. But why?

ICEF International Center of European Football - Boarding soccer academy in Europe

G rated game

Football is for the whole family, the younger, the older, the moms and dads even grammys… Everyone gathers by the TV or in the stadium. It brings together friends and families for 90 minutes.

Everyone can catch up fast to the rules. No need to be an expert to understand and enjoy the true entertainment of the sport even if there will always be arguments about penalties and off-site actions.

All you need is a Ball

One of the biggest beauties of football is that it is a modest sport. You don’t need much equipment to have fun and to play well. Even greats like Zinedine Zidane started playing in the streets just like the majority of his generation.

All it takes to play the sport you love is heart, passion, and dedication, to get better every day and enjoy the beautiful game.

ICEF International Center of European Football - Boarding soccer academy in Europe
ICEF International Center of European Football - Boarding soccer academy in Europe

The True Values of Football

The beauty of football is that it reflects the challenges and values of everyone’s life. The values below are almost universal for whoever wants to be successful and supportive to the community. Football teaches a multitude of values that need to be conveyed to the new generation.

Respect. The main foundation of any team sport, including football. Players must respect the game, the referee, the rules, the coach, the public and their teammates. It teaches kids and players from a young age, how to behave in a group and as a community.

Team Spirit. One of the first lessons that you learn on the field is that no one can be successful alone. There is no space for selfishness on the field, and no one player can get all the spotlight. You learn to rely on your teammates as much as on your coach, and even your fans who cheer you on.

Competitiveness. Football equips young minds with the power to overcome adversity. No matter how advanced the opponent is, you learn to give 100% of your capacity to constantly improve and exceed your limits.

Work ethic. Success and victory do not come overnight. It takes a lot of hard work to reach new skills, improve and win games. Football obligates you to work relentlessly and to leave anything that will set you back, in the locker room. 

Leadership. Everyone has a role in life. In football, players have specific positions to stick to and each member of the team needs to learn their responsibilities.  There is also one leader, or several, who guide the team to fulfill their objectives and be successful.

Emotional Intelligence. Handling victories and defeats is a peculiar process to go through. Either winning or losing, triggers internal battles on the field or in life. Football allows you to keep your two feet on the ground when you are victorious and to challenge and overcome frustrations when you lose, which are two great qualities to have for a successful life.  

At the International Center of European Football, we take the values of football very seriously and our dedicated and professional staff of UEFA / FFF licensed coaches and youth development experts are working relentlessly to implement the excellence of the European methodology and convey those genuine values.

We open the doors to success and possibilities are endless. Our methodology provides student-athletes with a solid foundation that will help them stand out and be recognized by professional teams from around the world, and prepare them to be recruited by prestigious colleges and universities.

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