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The International Center of European Football prized a selection of four MVPs at the IVP Supercup Florida tournament from October 26 to 27 in South Florida. The tournament was created in association with Luis Figo, a Portuguese Legend that played for the best clubs in Europe. Three boys (U13, U14, U17) and one girl (U18) were offered a week-long and all-inclusive training program to experience ICEF’s professional center in the Greater Geneva area (France).


During this week, they will have the opportunity to increase their soccer knowledge and be assessed by our professional coaching staff present at the center. The MVP’s from the IVP Supercup tournament will participate in intensive training sessions following the European methodology that will require a lot of investment, both physically and technically. Their participation will allow them to see how they perform, relative to the players already training and improving ICEF. They will also be able to benchmark their strengths and analyze their weaknesses to make improvements.


Having impressed the ICEF Scouts and Recruitment Team present at the tournament, these players have the soccer skills that qualify to enroll in private soccer academy’s Pro Residency Program. Equivalent to a boarding school in the United States, players who desire to apply must first attend a tryout session to be selected.


ICEF Scouts were also able to identify a selection of highly talented players, who were invited to one of ICEF’s tryout sessions during the private soccer academy’s U.S. Recruitment Tour. ICEF’s Recruitment Team focuses on technical skills and tactical knowledge during these events, understanding the importance of physical abilities, but they are confident that these will be implemented at the right time during ICEF’s physical programs. ICEF scouts highlight the importance of having an excellent soccer IQ, looking for players who are smart with the ability to take information, anticipate and adapt to the environment and opponent. These are qualities they believe players must demonstrate to show them that they have potential that can be further improved.


Nicolas Babayou, Scout at IVP Supercup Florida and Head of Recruitment at the International Center of European Football stated, “Having the opportunity to scout in these international and well-organized tournaments is a great and interesting opportunity for us. It enables us to watch a large amount of players ranging in age, skill and level. For me, what’s important is finding players I know have the potential to excel.”


The international soccer academy looks to continue to partner and be present at these world-renowned tournaments and events, having a strong presence in the development of youth soccer in the United States and worldwide and being able to offer professional opportunities to our athletes.