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Teaching Impeccable Work Ethic for a Bright Future

The International Center of European Football is a unique professional soccer academy as it pays as much attention to the academic program as to the technical program, to allow student-athletes to develop the tools that will allow them to be capable of succeeding on and off the field.

From Grade 8 to a Bachelor’s program, we implement discipline and commitment to ensure steady progress and impeccable work ethic.

  • Low student to teacher ratio
    Thanks to the small number of students, the educational team is able to closely support every student during their academic endeavors, based specifically on their levels and abilities. Encouraging discipline and effort, the teaching staff helps students expand their individual talents and guides them in their personal and educational development. They receive personal academic guidance from teachers who address their individual needs.
  • Dedicated international orientation​
    Our Orientation Officer is decisive for international relations and examinations. He ​helps ​students find their way​ to universities and professional careers​. Several actions are carried out during the year to allow high school students to meet our network and exchange with them on their personal and professional experiences.
  • Diverse international academic programs
    American High School (8th – 12th grade)
    International Baccalaureate (8th – 12th grade)
    French Baccalaureate (8th – 12th grade)
    Cambridge International Education (9th -12th grade)
    French Postgraduate (BTS)
    Bachelor’s in International Management – with a specialization in International Management or with a specialization in Sports Management (in partnership with the Geneva Business School)
    French and English language

Every morning, our residents travel to their private institution to study, interact with international students coming from everywhere in the world and prepare for a bright future ahead.