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During the past few weeks, The ICEF players took part in intensive professional training sessions with The ICEF’s professional club, Thonon Evian Grand Genève, focusing on improving their technical skills, increasing their understanding of tactical concepts, and working on their conditioning. They also took part in evaluations to monitor strengths, weaknesses, and improvements. With this fully packed schedule, they also enjoyed some recovery time in The ICEF’s newly inaugurated lounge area designed for relaxation and leisure time.

Training with the Pros

One of the most unique aspects of a player’s life at The ICEF is the exposure they receive to the professional world, primarily through Thonon Evian Grande Genève, The ICEF’s professional football club and the biggest professional club in the Grand Geneva area. The ICEF players benefit from training alongside the pro players of Thonon Evian Grand Genève, while receiving advice from their professional coaches. Being able to take part in these training sessions allows players to be fully immersed in the professional European game. Combining The ICEF’s training regimen with first-hand professional experience generates an environment where players can further accelerate their development and reach their maximum potential. During training sessions with the teams and coaches of Thonon Evian Grand Genève, The ICEF players were held to an even higher standard. Aligned with The ICEF training regimen, following the world-renowned European methodology and based on UEFA and FFF best practices, the focus during these training sessions was on fast attacks after a ball recovery, long pass techniques, and working under pressure while winning during a game. The ICEF players performed the same drills as the professional players to encourage the development of these concepts. Goalkeepers trained alongside the Thonon Evian Grand Genève goalkeeper and goalkeeper coach to improve their footwork, hand eye coordination and diving technique.

Professional Performance Evaluations

As part of The ICEF’s holistic preparation program, players take part in professional evaluations to monitor improvements made throughout the season. These are focused on the physical side of the game and involve testing strength, speed, endurance and more.

At the beginning of the season, players perform these tests to set a base from which to measure and monitor development. These evaluation sessions enable our technical team to:

  • Create an individualized program for players to develop and improve their game.
  • Motivate players by identifying improvements, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Keep track of and collect data to further help players’ holistic development.

This past month, speed and acceleration tests were performed. Players ran through a designated area with cameras measuring acceleration, top speed, and total time while coaches supervised and collected the data to record them in the player’s profiles. This data allows coaches to provide guidance as to what each player needs to focus on during strength and conditioning training sessions.

Inauguration of a brand new lounge area

With a fully packed schedule including lots of on-field training sessions and evaluations, players are also encouraged to enjoy some downtime to recover from the intensity of the training sessions and to enjoy a great boarding life experience.

This past month, the inauguration of the brand-new lounge area took place. The redesigned space is now open for players to take a break from their intensive football and academics schedule to watch movies and football games, play foosball (table soccer), while also taking part in other activities.

The lounge area is designed as a relaxing, fun, yet inspirational environment. With many memorable football moments framed inside the lounge, it inspires players to work towards achieving their goals and dreams. The lounge area is open throughout the day and can be used whenever players are not training or studying.