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Ending 2021 on the right foot

With 2021 coming close to an end, the ICEF Europe and its student-athletes worked hard to end the year on the right foot and set up success for the second half of the season. With a comprehensive and intense schedule, the players were tested on and off the field . Student-athletes at the ICEF Europe participated in workshops, competitive games, volunteer work, and leisure activities in the snow!

A special visit from Switzerland!

Players listened and participated in the last Masterclass of the year with nutritionist Charlotte Ioan. Coming from Switzerland, Charlotte’s workshop was primarily focused on nutrition and nutritional planning to optimize performance and preparation. Charlotte was able to teach our student-athletes the fundamentals of sports nutrition, how it positively impacts performance, and the overall health benefits of a proper diet. Charlotte was also able to share the go-to choice for food and meals to have before, during, and after a training session or match.

Nutrition is an essential topic to the comprehensive preparation players experience at the ICEF Europe. It is the fuel and foundation for the high-level performance of the ICEF Europe’s residents. The expert tips and tricks Charlotte shared during her lecture will ensure players are training at their maximum potential and therefore reaching their objectives on the field.

The main objective of these masterclasses at the ICEF Europe are to teach the residents about the important aspects that make up an elite athlete that cannot be learned on the field. The lectures with industry experts in all aspects of elite preparation and performance, such as Charlotte, guide our student-athletes in learning and developing new knowledge that, will help them reach their maximum potential, allow them to succeed at the next level, and carry with them throughout the rest of their career.

The ICEF Europe players compete with TEGG

Throughout the competitive season, the ICEF Europe players are called upon by Thonon Evian Grand Genève’s Academy teams for their league matches. The past couple of months have seen student-athletes of the ICEF Europe play with Grand Genève’s U20 team, who currently play in the FFF U20 Regional 2 league, one of the most competitive leagues at the age group.

The TEGG U20 currently sits in fourth place just six points behind second place and have been aided by the addition of the ICEF Europe players. With crucial goals and great performances, the ICEF players have influenced the team’s overall success in the first half of the season. The connection between the ICEF and TEGG is extremely important and provides our student-athletes with unique high-level competition and exposure opportunities.

Having these chances and being able to play in the best and most competitive leagues at every age group makes the ICEF Europe a unique training center and gives our players the best preparation for the professional game. The connection the ICEF Europe has with Grand Genève FC provides a clear path to the professional level for our student-athletes. They can train and prepare at the ICEF Europe, while climbing the academy ranks of Thonon Evian Grand Genève, eventually reaching the professional first team. At each step of the way, players are guided and taught by highly qualified coaching staff, all with many years of professional experience as both players and coaches.

Winter Wonderland

Each year, as December comes around, the ICEF Europe turns into a winter wonderland from the snowy weather that is frequent in Evian.

The snowy weather provides a different environment for our student-athletes to train in and helps them get accustomed to playing under different weather conditions. However, the snow and holiday season brings other cultural and social aspects that provide unforgettable and important experiences for the players, while at their time at the Center.

Team bonding activities such as building snowmen, scavenger hunts, and visits into town for Christmas markets and ice skating, are crucial to the overall development of the ICEF Europe players and that take advantage of the unique location and conditions at the center. These activities help the players develop soft skills such as collaboration, open mindedness, and leadership as they participate and experience all of this together with their teammates and friends from all corners of the world.

The activities are also a perfect way to escape and relax from the intense and professional training regimen players have. When the weather is cold, days are short, and nights are long, players can overwork and burn out if not carefully managed. For this reason, players are given ample time to enjoy the amenities of the training center and the town to ensure they are consistently fresh and rested to give it their all in their professional training regimen.

Volunteering for a greater cause

Ahead of the holiday season, the ICEF Europe players joined TEGG professional men’s and women’s team in volunteering at the local food bank to provide the less fortunate with food, blankets, and small gifts for them to enjoy. It was a warming display of solidarity between all participants who dedicated time to helping the less fortunate.