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Starting in fall 2022, our student-residents will have the unique and unprecedented opportunity to acquire deep and rare knowledge in Esports and Web 3.0, in tandem with pro football development.

Students will emerge from the educational program as top-level football players, empowered in both their mind and body, with the abilities to confidently make an immediate impact once they graduate. Aside from being elite football players, each athlete will know how to adapt to future trends, work on a vast number of projects, and offer value to any forward-looking company or industry.

How will students learn?

The classes at the ICEF begin in September 2022 and will be over 10 months. Students will balance theoretical concepts such as learning the growth of Esports and Web 3.0, with practicing soft skills and practical challenges. Working with leading experts in their fields, the courses are specifically designed to perfectly fit within the schedule of an elite athlete.

Balancing theory with applications is part of the ICEF’s pragmatic academic program. The goal is to equip its players with hands-on experiences and competencies in Esports, Cryptocurrency, NFT’s, Blockchains and Decentralized Finance. As a result, athletes will develop an even greater advantage either in professional football, the job market or in college.⁠

The ICEF offers a unique competitive schedule, with high-level matches against the biggest names football. With an all-encompassing training program, UEFA certified coaching staff, and state-of-the-art facilities, the ICEF aligns the ideal conditions for talented players to compete with the best in the world
Online Tryouts are open for the 2022-2023 Season*
* Limited spaces available