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The Importance of Athletic Nutrition

This saturday, The International Center of European Football was proud to host a conference on “The secrets of performance and the invisible preparation,” by a French athletic nutritionist expert.

As athletes, our residents have to understand the importance of preparing their body and fuel it to enhance performance and reduce injuries. During this conference about “Invisible training,” they were introduced to all the non-technical aspects that are important to support the intensity of their professional training and competition regimen: sports hydration, micronutrition, chrononutrition and macronutrition!

Part of the 'Invisible Training'

Now, they are capable of distinguishing the difference between the good and the bad fats. Of course, they understand the harmful effects of sweets and especially sweeteners. And finally, know that on the contrary to what can be said, too much protein can affect their kidneys and liver.

In a residential soccer academy such as the International center of European Football, our student-athletes’ weight is constantly monitored and they benefit from freshly made, healthy and balanced meals to increase their performance on a daily basis. They now know that healthy and balanced is not incompatible with good and tasty!

After all, Mens sana in corpore sano.