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Identity, Unity, Equality.

According to the football legend Diego Maradona, a player’s motto should be “giving everything for the shirt.” In football and in sports in general, the uniform is everything a team stands for: identity, unity and equality. Players wearing the same jersey and the same team colors truly feel like part of a group where everyone works together for the success of the team.

Talented Today, Unstoppable Tomorrow.

Student-athletes at the International Center of European Football learn how to respect the uniform and the team’s colors on their path to a professional football career. 

ICEF International Center of European Football - Boarding soccer academy in Europe

The color black is associated with strength, elegance and power. Student-athletes participating in the 10-month Pro Residency program push their limits, develop a solid work ethic beneficial for life, and grow into physically strong and smart players able to compete at the highest level of football in the world. 

The color white is associated with new beginnings, purity, and perfection. ICEF’s student-athletes know it. Their future starts the moment when they take their first steps on the field. They are expertly trained and developed to reach perfection and become outstanding professional football players. 

The color gold is associated with courage, passion and success. ICEF’s full technical staff gathers the highest ranked UEFA / FFF certified professionals and football experts to transform every student-athlete’s passion for football into a successful life on and off the field.

ICEF Nike lifestyle uniforms

ICEF International Center of European Football - Boarding soccer academy in Europe