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See where the ICEF players have signed for the upcoming season.

At the International Center of European Football (ICEF), players receive international exposure, combined with a pro player preparation, enabling them to reach the next level. Through the ICEF’s global network, players receive countless exposure opportunities that put them on the path to kickstart their professional football careers. Players at the ICEF become smart players, capable of succeeding in all game situations. They are fully immersed in a professional environment, allowing them to build the necessary qualities and skills to reach and succeed at the next level. Through the opportunities players receive at the ICEF, that connect them to the professional world, players are able to achieve their dreams of playing professional football at the highest level in Europe, the U.S., and around the world. Every year, players at the ICEF are invited to showcase their skills and talent in front of professional coaches from top European cubs as well as collegiate coaches in the U.S. Discover the incredible opportunities our players have had and find out where they have been recruited to play next year.

European Path to Pro

Recruited by FC Lyon

Alexis Huneau, former center midfielder at the ICEF, has been selected and recruited to play with FC Lyon’s U17 National Team for the upcoming season. He gained valuable experiences at the ICEF at the U15 and U16 levels, where he was able to mature as a player and individual, developing the necessary skills to stand out and be recruited. Alexis was able to benefit from the ICEF’s holistic player preparation program that is based on the world-renown UEFA and FFF methodologies, with a proven track record of developing talented players.

At the ICEF, players are led by a highly qualified coaching staff, who apply an individual approach to optimize each players’ potential. Throughout the season, the most talented players receive opportunities to train with the ICEF’s professional club, Grand Genève FC, as a unique opportunity to be connected to the professional world.

Alexis was able to take advantage of the expert preparation at the ICEF to develop and properly stand out and take the next step in his career.

Path to Pro in the United States

Competing in the USL League, one of the most successful in the world

After one season at the ICEF, Pedro Adarillo, who plays right back, has decided to continue his football career at one of the highest levels in the U.S., with FC Miami City, for the later stages of the 2021 and 2022 season. FC Miami City, one of Strive Football Group’s clubs, competes in one of the most successful professional leagues in the world, the USL League, which provides a defined and proven pathway for players to progress to the ranks of professional football.

Through Pedro’s experiences with Grand Genève’s first team, where he was consistently seen training, and the professional training program at the ICEF, Pedro developed and matured his skills exponentially.

Pedro was able to benefit from all of the advantages the ICEF players receive, especially as part of Strive Football Group, the ICEF’s parent company. Through the Group, players receive opportunities around the world thanks to the Group’s ownership of several academies and clubs around the world like the ICEF, Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA, Grand Genève FC, FC Miami City, and Royal FC Mandel United. These opportunities allow players to receive the necessary development and exposure to play professionally in Europe and the U.S.

In fact, 72% of players drafted to the MLS are USL League alumni, demonstrating the established role the league has in the professional soccer landscape in the U.S. and the competitiveness of the league Pedro will participate in. The ICEF provided Pedro with an excellent platform to develop, be seen, and reach the next level in the U.S.

Trials with professional European clubs

Invitations to trails with professional Italian clubs, Cagliari and Olbia

The ICEF’s expertise, experience, and professional network are leveraged to kickstart players’ careers. During the first week of June of 2021, nine players were invited to participate in weeklong trials with Cagliari Calcio (Serie A) and Olbia Calcio (Serie C).

Both trials were unique and exclusive opportunities for the ICEF players and were made possible due to the ICEF’s global network of European football clubs, which Cagliari and Olbia are a part of. The trials, which consisted of professional medical examinations, intensive field drills, tactical work, 11v11 matches, and more allowed our players to show off their skills and be seen by professional scouts and coaches of the respective clubs.

The ICEF players are expertly prepared in all aspects, including mentally and physically, which enables them to be invited to trials with professional European clubs. The development they receive during their time at the ICEF and during trials are used to gain experience, allowing them to be prepared to reach top professional clubs and to continue their football development.

Through the ICEF’s global network of professional clubs, players are ensured countless opportunities to reach the next level.

At the ICEF, get access to unique opportunities to reach the professional level! The ICEF has extremely limited availability for the upcoming 2021-2022 season.